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The purpose of this article is to discuss the mechanism and power of network marketing in providing an individual soundly based business opportunity for self-employment.

 Part 1 :Provides an introduction to the concepts of network marketing with particular reference to FLP-Forever Living Products.

Part 2 :Presents the Forever Living Products network marketing plan.

 Part 3: Provides details of "passive income", "car plan", "profit share royalties" and the structure of advanced levels and benefits in the Forever Living Products network marketing plan.   CLICK HERE

Part 4: Presents the practical requirements of building a successful business in Forever Living Products: "The 4 Case Credit Strategy".  CLICK HERE

Part 5 Illustrates the Forever Living Products earning pathways to various income levels: Retailing, Team Building and Leadership. CLICK HERE

Part 1: Introduction to Concepts of Network Marketing


Rex Maughan, President and Founder of Forever Living Products, devised his network-marketing scheme over twenty years ago. His is recognized as one of the most generous Marketing Plans in today's network marketing arena. Perhaps because of this, FLP is the number 1 distributor of health, nutrition, skincare and beauty products in every country where it has been established long enough - including the NIGERIA. During the mid to late 90s Network Marketing has come of age here: clearly, it is difficult to ignore any kind of business, which consistently more than doubles its size annually!

So why does network marketing work so well? What is so special about this method of moving goods from the manufacturer to the customer? Why have network marketing companies in general, and FLP in particular, grown even faster during the recession than they did in the booming 80s? This is the reverse of the trend in conventional marketing enterprises, like retail shops and stores, and mail-order catalogues. Even huge franchises like MacDonalds and Kall Kwik are having difficulty finding new high-level locations: the major High Streets and Shopping Malls are finite entities, and the secondary areas will not generate the required turnover.

Perhaps it is because Network Marketing offers so many of the advantages of franchising, without the disadvantages, that it is enjoying such success. For example, as an independent distributor of Forever Living Products:

You are your own boss - nobody can make you redundant - yet you are part of a very large, very successful, very well established company, with a billion-dollar worldwide turnover

You are running your own business - yet your Sponsor into the business and the superb FLP Area Manager system supports you

You have no initial outlay, there are no annual fees, and you will never need to hold stock - you buy products, as and when you need them, from your local Product Centre

You can work the hours you wish, at your own pace, to achieve your personal goals, and you will have very low overheads since you will almost certainly work from home

You have freedom to move location within the UK or to another country - your business continues to earn income for you - wherever you are

The Area Development Directors can run regular free Business Briefings in your area - you can take along your guests to introduce them to FLP, and they will hear presentations by experienced top-level speakers on the business, the marketing plan, and the products

Local training is available all over the COUNTRY to help you and your guest learn more about the products, and the concepts of network marketing and team-building

There is absolutely minimal paperwork - FLP does it all for you

You can only move UP in FLP - all positions in the Marketing Plan are permanent, so there are no penalties for taking a month or two away from your work

You are never required to pay your team member's bonuses - bonus cheques are sent out by FLP, directly to each individual distributor, on the 15th of every month - without fail

Bonus payments are based upon the Retail Value of all products purchased at wholesale price during the previous month

Invoices are logged daily, so if you achieve a higher level in the Marketing Plan in mid-month, your higher bonus will be applied immediately to all subsequent invoices

In short, you are empowered to develop your business to your specific requirements to achieve the financial and personal goals you set.


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