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FLP is the owner of the largest bee colony in the world, and the biggest producer of Beehive Products of the best quality.

All of these superlatives are based on the ecologically cleanest territory on the continent, and the most modern production processes. The beehives are in the Sonora Hills in Arizona, and there is over 1000 different kinds of herbs. Their care is in the hands of people who have family traditions of many centuries in working with bees.


FOREVER BEE HONEY      17.6oz 


FLP honey is 100% natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized, enriched with pollen, and of the highest quality. It is made of many desert flowers and cacti.. It is excellent as everyday food and protection from illness. People who work with bees are known by their good health and long life.

It is recommended to use the honey daily to maintain good health and resilience. Honey increases the immunity towards different illnesses. It regulates the heart pump and blood system. It lowers blood pressure. It helps the work of liver. It protects the kidneys. It increases stamina and energy. The optimal daily dose is between 50-100 grams.


FOREVER BEE POLLEN           100tab   

Forever Bee Pollen is produced from the pollen dust of many kinds of plants, and that is why it is more healing than pollen of just one kind. It is produced in a cold processing manner, and the connective tissue for the tablets is made of honey. Pollen is not considered a medicine, but a complete natural nourishment.

It acts very beneficially on metabolism. It frees one from fatigue. It increases energy. It shows amazing effectiveness when used in the dosage of 3-4 tablets few times a day, especially in the combination with Aloe vera juices.

The action of Forever Bee Pollen: it soothes symptoms of aging, removes physical fatigue, facilitates intellectual work, removes psychological disturbances, decreases nervous tension, regulates disturbances of the blood system, regulates the work of digestive organs, acts against diarrhea and lack of bowel movements, it strengthens and improves eyesight, soothes the effects of radiation, helps with sclerosis and diabetes, and especially with adenoma of the prostate.


FOREVER PROPOLIS          60tab   

Propolis is the most known natural antibiotic. Forever Propolis in tablets is produced from the purest ingredients: natural propolis, Aloe vera, and chamomile extract. The healing properties of propolis have been known since the ancient times. In the folk medicine it has been used to treat open wounds. Propolis is easily absorbed in the organism, it does not harm the natural intestinal flora, and does not lead to resistance of the microorganisms. Because of all of this it is considered very suitable as a prevention against different types of infections. When it is taken in combination with Aloe vera juices, it achieves excellent results in immunobiological therapy, in strengthening of the whole immune system.

It is most often recommended for the following conditions: inflammations and infections of the respiratory organs, stomach catarrh, gallbladder and urinary tract infections, gynecological inflammations, skin changes with the simultaneous use of Aloe Propolis cream. Daily dose is one tablet 2-3 times a day, best if dissolved under the tongue.


FOREVER ROYAL JELLY          60tab   

Forever Royal Jelly is a product of the highest quality, all natural and very suitable for use in tablets.

Royal Jelly is food for larvae, it prevents biological aging, it's food for only the queen bee and she takes it all her life, which gives her an enormously long life and productivity. Royal Jelly is still a great wonder of nature and hides many secrets. The transformation that royal jelly effects in bees is unique in the animal world. In folk medicine there are experiences about the beneficial action of royal jelly on the human organism. This is especially true in malnourished and developmentally arrested children, no matter what the cause is. It is known that royal jelly rejuvenates, since it increases the interchange of substances, and greatly speeds up recovery after illness and surgery.

Royal jelly is not considered a medicine, but a nourishing food which is recommended to the healthy persons to protect their health, and to those with certain health problems.

The use of royal jelly gives excellent results in the following conditions: strengthening of the immune system, rejuvenation and soothing the effects of physical and mental aging, regulating the metabolism and decrease of fatigue, increase of energy, removal of stomach problems, anemia, depression and nervous weakness, menopausal disturbances.

It is recommended to take 1-2 tablets daily, not to swallow but to slowly dissolve them under the tongue. For removal of sterility in both sexes and increasing the number of spermatozoids in combination with Aloe vera juices it gives the best results.



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