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The Business of This Century                                                                                                                              The first few years of the new millennium have seen businesses of all sizes suffering increasing pressures.

Most big consumer companies are stock exchange listed, with a duty to increase shareholder value and profits. They do this in two ways. Firstly, by cutting costs, imposing smaller budgets and tighter deadlines. In todayís world, this is more  and more frequently achieved with a major re-location of white-collar and manufacturing jobs to places such as China, India and the Philippines. The managers who worked with this workforce are also no longer needed.

Secondly, companies seek to expand market share, or enter new markets,  by absorbing small and medium sized businesses that simply donít have the same muscle; This is no environment to be setting up such a business.

Businesses,  large and small also find themselves increasingly burdened by often over-whelmed with bureaucratic pressures, and the mounting cost of coming into line with legislation. This in turn affects their margins of profit, and some resort to carrying increasing debt in order to continue trading.

20th century concepts of achieving prosperity, lifestyle and security are all but obsolete.

People now tend to fall into one of two categories: Time rich and cash poor; all the time in the world but no money with which to enjoy it, or cash rich and time poor; all the money in the world and no time to enjoy it. Work/life balance is now almost impossible to achieve.

The longest recorded 'bull-run' on stock markets has been replaced by volatility,

and the housing market remains unpredictable. Together, this means that we face an uncertain future for ourselves and our families.

Pensions are delivering terrible returns from a sector torn apart by scandals and mis-selling, and personal savings are at a record low. Looking forward to what should be the 'golden years' at the end of a hard working life, is now for the few.

With life expectancies on the rise, Social Security funds will be exhausted within the next 25 years and costs of long term care make retiree medical cover prohibitively expensive.


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