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Be a Distributor 


Who are we?

  • We are the World Largest Grower, Manufacturer and Distributors of Aloe Vera Products. 

  • The world's largest producer and distributor of Nutritional Bee products

  • Founded in 1978

  • 27 years of proven success

  • Over $2 billion in annual sales

  • Operating in more than 105 countries

What will You Achieve?

- Be able to purchase FLP Aloe Vera products at wholesale prices for your own consumption and/or resale. 

- Help yourself and others in staying healthy.

- An opportunity to develop your own business by joining the quickly expanding FLP products distribution network. You can become a distributor in your own state and it will become an international business. You are not in the business alone. You will be supported to build and develop your business. Click here  to become a distributor in your state in Nigeria.

Distributors wanted in all states Nationwide throughout Federal Republic of Nigeria

Click here to find out about our unique business opportunity

 As a distributor, we would  share some interesting facts with you that will helped you make the decision to look at you future. We will also support you in your state and area to become a successful distributor.

I will like you to know that  no one ever gets wealthy working for someone else - they pay you just enough - and most of us struggle to have enough money to last each month.

The government recently Of Federal Republic of Nigeria has announced it intention to reduce the Federal work force by retirement/retrenchment. The consolidation of banks in Nigeria will result into loss of jobs. The percentage of unemployment is increasing on yearly basis. Even those who are working are being threatened by inflation and hyperinflation. The pension benefits are not enough even for you to retire with a modest pension benefit, you would have to put around 15 to 20 years of working . With salary job you will find it difficult surviving , never mind putting some away for the future.

As a distributor you can build a pension benefit within 5 years. Click here for details

When we found ourselves in a difficult situation as a salary earner, we decided to work part-time with what we believe is a very special company in order to produce an income that would become passive and secure our future. Ordinary people just like us are doing this, and you can do it too. Click here for details of this fantastic business opportunity and see if itís something that excites you, it did us.

People join our Business for all these different reasons.
What would be your No 1 priority...

 1.Own your own business ,

 2.Earn FAT income monthly,

 3 Have time for your family, 

 4.Send your children to best school

 5.Buy new car and house, 

 6.uild a pension benefits, 

 7.Raise money for other things, 

 8.Make new friends

Whatever may be your priority this business will help you to achieve it. Whatever is your dream, this business will help you to make it a reality


Bonus and Gifts:As a distributor you will be supported to start, build and develop your business. You also get a website ( exactly like this one , a FREE book-"Proven key strategies To Raise Money for small & Medium Businesses", FREE VCD, CD and ebooks. For details of your gifts and bonuses click here

This business can give you a rewarding new career. You will be  able to have a house  of your dreams, and you will have the money, time and energy to enjoy, play the game of your choice, travel to far-off places, and indulge a passion for classic cars. 

What could possibly be more rewarding than running your own part-time home-based business amongst happy, supportive, positive people? A business which can only succeed by helping others improve their health, wealth and lifestyle?

With FLP, You can achieve financial freedom and security, and a very exciting future...

To become a distributor  click here for details. You will be supported to start, build and develop.



Interested to  become a new FLP distributor? We help and support you to build and develop your business.

Click your country to apply:


Canada                  USA 

For other countries outside Canada and USA,  Please contact me

Still hesitate? Need more information to convince yourself ? Find out More Here

 Click here on how to build your team

This website is hosted by Wale& Foluke  Adeleke     Tel: 234 803 318 1698      Email     ID: 234000671061  

Wale Adeleke   Tel: 234 803 318 1698      Email     ID:234000671061  

Independent distributor of Forever Living Products 

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