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Forever Living Products was founded in the USA in 1978. It has shown dramatic growth and last year had a turnover in excess of $2.1 billion. The company is cash rich and currently has assets of over $1 billion world-wide. Forever Living has a proven track record and a management team that is unchanged in nearly 20 years. It now operates in over 100 countries around the world. The benefit to distributors is that they can build their own  international network business & make income from over 100 countries from their  home country.
Head Office - Arizona  USA 
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Forever Living Products Has the best Aloe Vera drinking gel & bee products on the world marked.

2,1 Billion $ in sales and 1 Billion $ is from our Aloe Vera drinks. My wife and I love the Aloe Vera drinks. We have different flavors, but the pure Aloe Vera is my favorite. My wife  prefers ALOE BERRY NECTAR  while my mother favorite is the Freedom which is the best for her Arthritis .Our children love the forever kid product from the age of 2. Adults and kids all enjoy this tasty grape and orange flavored multivitamins 

I can say with confident that it has done great things with our health, and our stomachs works perfect.

Aloe Vera Gel - Best sold Product world wide  




Article about Aloe Vera of America in Dallas business Journal 3 pages.

Forever Living Products own 100% of Aloe Vera of America.

Over the past 25 years, Dallas-based Aloe Vera of America has quietly grown into the world's largest producer of nutritional drinks, cosmetics and other products using extract (Inner Gel) from the aloe plant as a key ingredient.





Forever Living Products has built a magnificent Office Complex in Lagos, Nigeria. It will function as head office for all the states in Federal Republic of Nigeria and some west Africa countries. There is a large capacity conference hall on the 1st floor.

Lagos is one of the states in Federal Republic of Nigeria (where I live). Nigeria has 36 states plus one FCT (Federal Capital Territory). You can become distributor in your own state in Nigeria and build an international business network from your town. Click here for details of how you can become a distributor in your state.

The new head Office in Ikeja-Lagos Nigeria 
home office




Forever Living Products




Bee Products Weight Loss Nutrition
Vitamins Skin Care Personal Care Soya Colour Cosmetics

New products launched in 2005

An enhancement to Forever's quality line of skin care, nutritional supplements and weight loss products, try each of these great items and see for yourself how you, too, can live well everyday! Click on the product links below for more information.

New products 2005
Forever Living Products Number 1 in the World:
1st Company in the world to earn the International Aloe Science Council Seal Approval (IASC) and retain it every consecutive year since
1st Company in the world to gain the Kosher Rating for the Aloe Vera drinking gels
1st Company in the world to obtain the Islamic Seal for the Aloe Vera drinking gels, and all the beehive products
1st Company in the world to offer every customer an unconditional 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for the whole range of Aloe Vera and Beehive products
No. 1 Company in the world in the number and variety of Aloe Vera products approved by the IASC (33 in total, including drinks, creams, lotions, skin care and animal products)
No. 1 Company in the world bringing highest quality Aloe Vera products directly from FLP's own Aloe plantations to the consumer. FLP is the largest grower and supplier of Aloe Vera worldwide
No. 1 Company in the world for pure and natural Products from the Beehive, with the largest beehive facility and patented procedures for collecting and processing the highest quality Honey, Pollen tablets, Bee Propolis tablets, and Royal Jelly tablets
No. 1 Company in the world in network marketing of Aloe Vera based natural health, nutrition and beauty products. FLP has appeared four times in the prestigious Inc 500 Magazine in the USA (annual list of the top 500, fastest growing, privately owned companies in the USA). In 1998, Dun & Bradstreet published in Real Business Magazine the top 100 fastest growing, privately owned companies in the UK. FLP ranked 12th - the only network marketing company in the top 100.

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