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Part 3: Passive Income & Advanced Levels in Forever Living Products Network Marketing Plan

Royalty Bonuses - Manager Levels: There are 7 Manager Levels: Manager, Senior Manager, Soaring Manager, Sapphire Manager, Diamond-Sapphire Manager, Diamond Manager, and Double-Diamond Manager. You earn Bonuses on the first three generations of Manager in your business: these are calculated as a percentage of the total turnover in each of your Manager Businesses. The first six levels are shown below:

Passive Income: As you work with your Team, helping them to become Managers in the business, you start to access Royalty Bonuses. FLP pays these additional bonuses on three generations of your Manager business at a starting level of 6% on your 1st generation Managers, 3% on the 2nd generation, and 2% on the 3rd generation. As you develop more and more Manager-businesses, this can rise to a maximum of 9%, 6% and 5% Royalty Bonuses respectively for a Diamond Manager. The 7th Manager Level - Double Diamond Manager is reached when the distributor develops 50 recognised 1st generation sponsored managers.

Company Cars - the Earned Car Scheme:
FLP will provide 36 monthly payments of 250 (Level 1), 375 (Level 2), or 550 (Level 3) if you - with your Team - hit specific turnover targets in 3 consecutive months. At the end of the 36 months the car is yours to keep permanently. In fact, after three years most people will have requalified, so FLP will pay for another new car, frequently at a higher level than the first.  


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