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Part 4: Practical Requirements of Building a Successful Business in Forever Living Products:

The 4 Case Credit Strategy


CASE CREDITS The international currency unit used by FLP for calculating Distributor turnover and bonuses is the Case Credit. Every product in the FLP range has an assigned Case Credit value which is related to the monetary value of each item. For example, the Combi Box is valued at 2 Case Credits (CCs), and cases of the Gel, Juice and Berry Nectar are worth 1.257 CCs each. In the UK, the relationship between the monetary value of each product and its Case Credit value is exact: The wholesale value of 1 Case Credit = 94.12 excluding vat. The corresponding wholesale vat inclusive value of 1 Case Credit = 110.59. This gives the retail vat inclusive value of 1 Case Credit = 157.99 taking the standard 30% discount price.

When you turn over 4 CCs each month in your business, this will be worth roughly 632 at retail and 442 at wholesale. This means you will have made around 190 gross profit on the monthly sales and you will receive a bonus cheque for just over 26 (based on the retail price ex vat - at the 5% bonus level). That amounts to just over 216 total profit on an outlay of 442.

4 CC BUSINESS It is vital for everyone to aim for a 4 CC business: (i) to generate the essential turnover that drives money around the system and creates our bonus cheques, and (ii) to lay the foundation for team-building and moving up the FLP ladder. A good proportion of this turnover should come from Customer Sales - as well as goods for your own use, and the sponsoring of new distributors. Note: the 4 CCs must all be in your name - this is your personal turnover each month.

RETAILING A customer base of 20 or more is recommended for the development of a sound networking business. You are aiming for customer loyalty - people who re-order every month or so without prompting. Inevitably some customers will only buy occasionally, and some will drop out completely (they may even join your team!) - so keep on looking for new customers. It is essential to have a sound follow-up system: if you look after your customers well, they will come back to you over and over again. Set a time frame to achieve 20 customers - three months, perhaps. These customers should generate 1 or 2 of your required 4 CCs total. Be ready around week 3 of the month to boost the CCs by additional sales through, for example, Aloe Awareness evenings, fundraising activities, a table at local events. Aim for 2 to 3 CCs from personal Retailing and own use.

SPONSORING Try to Sponsor 1 new person a month into your team. Ideally, they will buy a Combi Box from you to get their business off to a flying start - worth 2 CCs to you. If they need to retail their way into the business, you will aim to do three Product Launches with them in the first month or two which should easily give them the 2 CCs they need to qualify for Authorisation to Purchase at the wholesale price. You will start coaching them from Day 1 to do what you have done - achieve 4 CCs per month personal volume and Sponsor a new person each month. Aim for 1 to 2 CCs per month from Sponsoring - don't forget to ask your best customers if they would like to join your business and buy their products at the wholesale price.

TRACKING Keep a running total of your CCs to ensure you are achieving at least 4 CCs personal volume every month. Train your team to send you the pink copies of their orders promptly to keep track of your team CC total. Carry forward the total from the previous month: new positions are based upon CCs over a 2-month period (Base month & Qualifying month). Careful tracking is needed to ensure you reach the correct 2-month total CCs for success. Keep coaching your team members to do the same. Remember, you can use the second qualifying month for one position as the base month for the next.


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