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The Profession of this century

21st Century Solutions :  Right profession - Network Marketing...

The Distributor builds a business primarily by introducing and then coaching and training other people how to do the same the 'duplication' process. All these people are also Distributors using and conversationally marketing the products to a handful of consumers.

The Distributors' time is therefore freed up to concentrate on building businesses which can earn them anything from $500 to $3,000 a month, part-time, and $5000 to $50,000 a month, or more, full-time. The choice is theirs..

Network Marketing company does not have the overhead costs of a traditional distribution company. As a result, it can afford to reward its distributors well,  with  referral  commissions  and a percentage  of all the sales generated in the business as bonuses, royalties, and overrides.  With the right work, this can lead to very high, long-term, residual, pension-style incomes.

The strength of these Independent Distributorships is that they are free from all the traditional business headaches. There is no capitalization, administration, accounting, data processing, product development, purchasing, production, packaging, marketing, production of sales support materials, warehousing, shipping, incentives and so much more...all are handled for them by the Network Marketing company.

Now well-established and proven as a business-building method, and with massive sales worldwide, Network Marketing is proving to be the profession for the 21st Century.

Please do not confuse Network Marketing with illegal pyramid schemes, most of which are generally short-lived, involve large up-front costs to join, and where products or services are moved as 'pass-the-parcel' with a price rise on each 'pass', and there are no real customers.

Network Marketing uses the principle of "Creating wealth through multiplication of effort through others" and by teaching others how to be successful in their business. In the same way that Henry Ford could only do so much all by himself to fulfill his dream of a Model T in every driveway, he needed to amass an organization of people to assist him in achieving his goal. Network Marketing and Forever Living products distribution is based on this same principle of multiplication.

Right Company:  Forever Living Products 

FLP is the market leader in two market segments of the largest growth market in the world: health and beauty. FLP is the largest manufacturer worldwide of pure aloe vera products for aloe vera drinks, skin care and cosmetic.

  • Aloe Vera is the oldest (more than 5,000 years) healing plant known to humanity.                                                      
  • FLP is the largest manufacturer worldwide of bee-farming products. (Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen, etc.)
  • Our product line consists of more than sixty natural and health products, exclusively consumer products (Unrivalled, patented products, price level unrivalled affordability).
  • Thousands of experience reports and reference letters from our customers.
  • Specialist publications (human and animal medicine) from doctors and scientists about the undisputed effectiveness of FLP products.
  • Customer security through thirty-day money - back - guarantee on all products.
  • Permanent subsequent business through high degree of prominence of ALOE VERA and bee products. No sales talk required.
  • High commissions on sales prices.
  • Unlimited customer potential: Private and company customers in over 70 countries in the world.

Wale Adeleke   Tel: 234 803 318 1698      Email     ID:234000671061  

Independent distributor of Forever Living Products 

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