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Save 30% off the retail price.  

If you like the products, but want to get them cheaper?                    

Here's how!

By registering with Forever Living Products you can purchase FLP products at wholesale prices (approx 30% less than retail) - sounds good doesn't it?

Where is the catch?
There isn't one!

There is no obligation to purchase any products apart from the first order you make when registering. The only restriction is that each order has to be a minimum of US$50 at the wholesale price.

Think about it! This is almost the same as "Buy Two get the Third one Free".

There is no obligation to place further orders. Once you join you stay with FLP until you decide to leave. You will not be bombarded with junk mail, no one will phone you up to get you to place more orders. Everytime you order you get 30% off provided your order is over US$50 at wholesale prices. The orders are delivered to your door.

Sounds Good, What do I Need to do?
Great!  All you need to do is to click the links below to register yourself as a distributor of Forever Living Products - this does not mean that you have to distribute them, you can purchase for personal use only. 


Other and people in Nigeria, CLICK HERE 

Frequently Asked Questions 30% off the retail price.  

Q. Do I have to pay anything to Join?
A. No, there is no payment to be made, only the wholesale cost of your first order. 

Q. Will I be charged later for joining?
A. No - there are no charges for joining FLP as a wholesale buyer, all you ever have to pay is the wholesale price of your order, and a very reasonable delivery charge (the first order is delivered free!). 

Q. Is there a minimum order to make each month? 
A. No. There is no minimum order each month, you can order when you need the products, or when you have the cash, even if this is only once a year!

Q. Do I have to sell the products to continue as a wholesale buyer?
A. No, there is no requirement to sell the products, purchase for personal use only is just fine.

Q. Can I sell the products if I want to?
A. Yes, you can - anytime you wish to. Maybe a friend likes the product you are using; why not sell her a tube?

Q. If I decide later to make a business out of selling the products, can I?
A. Yes you can and we would welcome you for doing so. You do not need to do anything, but you may want to talk to us as your sponsor for help and advice to get your business going. 

Q. Will I be submerged in marketing material and stuff I don't want?
A. You will receive some stuff periodically, but not a lot. Usually just a newsletter or the company magazine. You may find this useful!

Q. What if I decide later I no longer want to be a Wholesale Buyer?
A. We hope you don't, but if that is what you want then you can ask to be removed.

Q. How do I buy the products at the Wholesale Price?
A. You can order direct from Forever Living Products, either by phone, or from their website. Provided you are ordering at least US$50 they will deliver direct to you. They cannot however take orders for less than US$50.

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Independent distributor of Forever Living Products 

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